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Books On PPR


On this page we have collected books that explicitly focus on political public relations and that apply public relations theories to political contexts and processes. We have also included some books that may not apply political relations theories, but which nevertheless substantially focus on political public relations. By listing the books here we do not necessarily endorse them, but think they may be worth reading for those interested in political public relations. The books are ordered by publication date.

  • Hendricks, John Allen & Schill, Dan (Eds.) (2014). Presidential Campaigning and Social Media. An Analysis of the 2012 Campaign. New York: Oxford University Press.

– Sanders, Karen & Maria José Canel (Eds.) (2013). Government Communication. Cases and Challenges. Bloomsbury.

  • Mordecai Lee, Grant Neeley & Kendra Stewart (Eds.) (2012). The Practice of Government Public Relations. CRC Press.

  • Jesper Strömbäck & Spiro Kiousis (Eds.) (2011). Political Public Relations. Principles and Applications. Routledge.

  • Jarol B. Manheim (2011). Strategy in Information and Influence Campaigns. How Policy Advocates, Social Movements, Insurgent Groups, Corporations, Governments, and Others Get What They Want. New York: Routledge.

  • Patrick Sellers (2010). Cycles of Spin. Strategic Communication in the U.S. Congress. New York: Cambridge University Press.

  • Mordecai Lee (2007). Government Public Relations: A Reader. CRC Press.

  • Sally Young (Eds.) (2007). Government Communication in Australia. Cambridge University Press.

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