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Osama S Albishri
(PhD Student)

Osama Albishri is currently a Ph.D. student in International Communication at University of Florida. He is a faculty member at King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. His primary research interests include political communication, public diplomacy, social network analysis, and computational content analysis. Osama has focused his research on issues that are mostly related to the Middle East.



Osama S Albishri -

Albishri, O., Tarasevich, S., Proverbs, P., Kiousis, S. K., & Alahmari, A. (2019). Mediated public diplomacy in the digital age: Exploring the Saudi and the U.S. governments’ agenda-building during Trump’s visit to the Middle East. Public Relations Review, 45(4), 101820.

Albishri, O., Lan, X., & Kiousis, S. (2021). Mediated Public Diplomacy and the Contest Over International Agenda-Building in the Gulf Diplomatic Crisis. Journal of Public Diplomacy, 1(1), 57–79.

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