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Tianduo Zhang



Tianduo Zhang –

Zhang, T., Khalitova, L., Myslik, B., Mohr, T., Kim, J. Y., Kiousis, S. (2017) Comparing Chinese State-Sponsored Media’s agenda-building influence on Taiwan and Singapore media during the 2014 Hong Kong Protest. Chinese Journal of Communication 2, pages 1-22.

Zhang, T., Kim, J. Y., Mohr, T., Myslik, B., Khalitova, L., Golan, G., & Kiousis, S. (2017). Agenda building role of state-owned media around the world: 2014 Hong Kong protest case. Journal of Public Relations Research, 29(5), 238-254.

Neil, J., Schweickart, T., Zhang, T., Lukito, J., Kim, J. Y., Golan, G., & Kiousis, S. (2018). The dash for gas: Examining third-level agenda-building and fracking in the United Kingdom. Journalism Studies, 19(2), 182-208.

Ingenhoff, D., Buhmann, A., White, C., Zhang, T. and Kiousis, S. (2018), "Reputation spillover: corporate crises’ effects on country reputation", Journal of Communication Management, Vol. 22 No. 1, pp. 96-112.


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